Birthdays and Snacks

A couple weeks prior to your student’s birthday, I will email you to find a time near or on the actual day, to have a celebration.  For birthdays that occur during the summer, we will celebrate on a specified date in June.


For your child’s celebration, please have them select their favorite picture book to share with the class. You are welcome to participate in your child’s classroom celebration and read the book to the class. If you cannot join us do not worry, we will have a classroom celebration for your child. If you child’s birthday is in the summer vacation, we will celebrate on a special day during the year.



In order to both ensure the safety of all students will food allergies as well as to limit the intake of sugar consumed by your students please DO NOT bring a birthday treat for your student’s birthday celebration.

Non-candy birthday treat bags are also most welcome (but completely optional).  Some ideas include: Pencils, party toys, stickers, and erasers. A great inexpensive resource is

We want each child to feel valued every day, but especially singled out and honored his/her birthday week.


Snack Time  

Please make sure to send a healthy (nut- free) snack with your child each day.  The link below has a great list of nut-free snacks.                                                                                                                                                Peanut Free Snacks