Throughout our new curriculum, My Math, we use tools that ensure our students are on the right track to meeting the Common Core State Standards and embracing the Mathematical practices.


My Math is a very focused program that narrows the scope so that students can have a deeper experience with Math.  Modeling, reasoning, and productive deposition activities support the Standards for Mathematical Practices.


Through the program:


Students will develop conceptual understanding.

  1. Investigate the Math
  2. Model the Math
  3. Talk Math: Collaborative Conversations


Students will learn procedure skills and develop fluency.

  1. Multiple examples
  2. Fluency Practice
  3. Homework pages


Students will apply mathematical concepts in real-world situations.

  1. Math in My World
  2. Higher Order Thinking problems
  3. Real-world problem solving readers


This year in first grade the units covered are:

  1. Addition concepts
  2. Subtraction concepts
  3. Addition strategies to 20
  4. Subtraction strategies to 20
  5. Place Value
  6. Two- Digit Addition and Subtraction
  7. Organize and Use Graphs
  8. Measurement and Time
  9. Two-Dimensional Shapes and Equal Shares
  10. Three- Dimensional Shapes