First Grade Reading and Writing at Villa Academy

Reading is essential to a child’s literacy development and is the basis for life long learning. Reading is a developmental process where children use strategies that help them understand meaning. Strategies include semantics, grammar and structure, phonics, picture cues and patterns. Children learn to read by reading-something that is emphasized in our first grade daily reading program.

At Villa we strive to present a balanced literacy program in which children are involved in all forms of reading. These include:

- Read Aloud: This is time for the teacher to model a love of reading and for exposure to more complex language and themes.

- Shared reading and writing: Reading/writing stories, poems, and chants as a group. Through shared reading/writing the teacher and class model various language behaviors to each other.

-Small Groups or Guided Reading: Students interact in small groups (1-5 children) at their developmental level. With the teacher they develop strategies useful to their individual needs based on the stage of their personal reading development. They discuss and respond to literature and make connections with their own experiences to a common book. Placement in these groups is very fluid and changes as learners grow and move at their own pace.

-Instructional or guided writing: Children work on individual stories as the teacher rotates helping with language skills in the context of their own writing and language development. This includes journal writing, story writing, exposure to six-trait writing, and eventually to an introduction to the writing process from rough draft to final publication.

-Independent reading and writing: Children are involved daily in independent reading and writing. This is based on the belief that the more they practice and experience language the more proficient they will become and the more likely they are to continue this process outside the classroom and develop into life-long readers and writers.

Phonics and sight word reading form an integrated part of our reading program. The children are exposed to many different reading strategies and these are applied in the texts they are reading.


Our goal at Villa is to help develop life-long readers and writers. We try to make learning a fun enjoyable event in which children can develop at their own individual pace.


Additional Reading Logs are available at the link below:

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