Social Studies

First Grade Social Studies


In First Grade we use the ‘Storypath’ curriculum, which was developed by Margit E. McGuire at Seattle University.
This wonderful program incorporatesproblem solving, social skills, reading and writing in meaningful ways.


The Storypath strategy allows students to immerse themselves in a story that includes real places and events. Students use their knowledge and understanding about the story’s setting to develop characters; then they role-play and make critical decisions concerning the events of the story. A concluding event brings closure and reinforces the understanding of the unit objectives.

In First Grade we use two units: Families in their Neighborhoods and Cultural Diversity: The Parade


What is a neighborhood? How do families work and play together? What are family traditions? How do communities solve problems? What do neighbors do together? By creating a neighborhood with families, homes and businesses, students understand how neighbors work together in a community. Problems develop when the  neighborhood becomes littered and a speeding car injures a neighbor. By addressing the problems, students learn about civic participation and the efforts necessary to make a neighborhood a safe and pleasant place to live.


Why do communities have parades? What makes people of various cultures special? Why do people wear costumes in a parade? What do musicians and dancers do in a parade? Students explore the cultural diversity of their community by creating a story about parades and becoming the parade planners in their story. They work together to design and plan the parade, as well as develop the characters. As the parade planners, students learn how to promote the parade in the community and use their problem-solving skills to overcome objections to the parade.